Thailand: 5 travel tips

It’s been almost two weeks since we returned from Thailand, and at least half that time was  spent in a jet lag fog, and the rest getting back into the swing of work, laundry, and normal household routines.  In our final pre-trip post, just before taking off from Boston, we talked about the resources we found most useful for planning the trip. But did our planning pay off? … Continue reading Thailand: 5 travel tips

Pub 1842

Second day at the convention, second lunch. Michael Mina’s Pub 1842 was the choice of the day, because (a) it was conveniently located in the hotel, and (b) I had found an Eater article the day before listing it as having one of the “17 iconic burgers in Las Vegas”.  To be honest, point (a) above was the driving factor for several of our choices … Continue reading Pub 1842

Getting there from here: public transport around the world

As I was waiting for my work shuttle this morning in Kendall Square, I noticed a family asking the driver of the “hop on/hop off” sightseeing trolley for advice on getting to Harvard Square. He pointed them to the subway station across the street, a sensible suggestion as Harvard is a short two-stop ride from Kendall. I watched the family follow his directions, cross the street and … Continue reading Getting there from here: public transport around the world

Where we’ve been

View my profile   Here’s where our travels have taken us so far. Cities with a hyperlink have one or more blog entries, which often include recommendations within.   If you’re interested in a particular city we’ve visited, feel free to drop us a note with any questions. US Austin, TX Baltimore, MD Boston, MA Chicago, IL Las Vegas, NV New Orleans, LA New York, NY North … Continue reading Where we’ve been