Damnoen Saduak and the Maeklong Train Market

January 6, day 90, Bangkok. Two popular sights for tourists to check out when visiting Thailand are the Maeklong train market, and one of several floating markets. We booked a tour to both, which included taking the train to the market, giving us a bird’s eye view on the vendors just inches outside the window as the train rolled in. It’s fascinating to watch them … Continue reading Damnoen Saduak and the Maeklong Train Market

Where to begin?

We mentioned in a previous post that we’re trying not to plan everything about this trip. But of course, some planning has to happen, including where to start. After deciding on Southeast Asia, the next question became which countries? Stereotypical though it may be, we are planning to visit what could be considered the core of the so-called Banana Pancake Trail*: Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. These four … Continue reading Where to begin?