Moroccan food

One of the best things about our trip to Marrakech–among many great things–was the food. Food seems to be everywhere, particularly in the medina (old walled part of the city). In the morning, the grand Djemaa el Fna square is covered with carts selling dates, nuts, and other fruit, freshly squeezed orange and blood orange juices. In the souks themselves, vendors have stalls that specialize … Continue reading Moroccan food

Restaurant Georges, and the Perfect French Waiter

Originally published on, October 2008 A highlight of our recent vacation in Paris was lunch at Restaurant Georges, at the top of the Centre Pompidou.  If you’re not familiar with the Pompidou, it houses France’s National Modern Art collection, and is a spectacular place to visit. Some of the art inside is very contemporary, of course, but “modern” includes early 20th century paintings and … Continue reading Restaurant Georges, and the Perfect French Waiter

A few of my favorite (Parisian) things…

The first sip of a cafe noisette. The way every meal is served with a basket of baguette slices, even if you ordered a sandwich. The way a waiter (who is always a man) will speak only French to you, if you speak very poor but earnest French to him. The plastic-bag public trash receptacles on every street, labeled in French, “Vigilance and Cleanliness”. The … Continue reading A few of my favorite (Parisian) things…

Leave your modesty at the door

Originally published on CultureBitch, June 2010. Should you find yourself in Morocco – and I highly recommend you make every effort to do so – the hammam is an experience not to be missed. I must confess, the hammam Rob and I visited was not a true locals-only place, in which men and women are segregated. Those places are everywhere in the medina, nondescript doors … Continue reading Leave your modesty at the door