Guatemala, part 3: La Antigua Guatemala

As we sit watching a blizzard drop a couple of feet of snow outside–and with an unexpected snow day off from work–there is finally time to finish up writing about our visit to Guatemala in September 2014, ending with the beautiful city of Antigua. See the earlier posts on Flores/Tikal, and Lake Atitlán.  When planning this trip around our time at Lake Atitlan, we soon realized it … Continue reading Guatemala, part 3: La Antigua Guatemala

Guatemala, part 2: Lake Atitlan

“Lake Como, it seems to me, touches on the limit of permissibly picturesque, but Atitlán is Como with additional embellishments of several immense volcanoes. It really is too much of a good thing.” –Aldous Huxley Our departure from Flores was less eventful than our arrival, with no travel hiccups (well, save the fact that we got to the airport MUCH earlier than necessary, so waited in … Continue reading Guatemala, part 2: Lake Atitlan

Journey to the Land of Eternal Spring

This post is long overdue. We went to Guatemala in early September, almost at the end of summer, and here we are on the first day of winter. Where did the time go? The autumn was taken up with working, cooking, exploring our own neighborhood, catching up with friends and family…so much of that in the last few weeks especially. But finally, it’s time for a real post about … Continue reading Journey to the Land of Eternal Spring

Chorizo stuffed poblanos with chipotle salsa

We still mean to get more of our Guatemala photos up, but for now, a recipe inspired by our trip: poblanos, charred, peeled and stuffed with a filling of chorizo, potato and cilantro, served with a slightly spicy, smoky chipotle salsa. Let me start off by affirming this is not an authentic Guatemalan recipe, nor is it a true chile rellenos, as the latter are typically … Continue reading Chorizo stuffed poblanos with chipotle salsa

Postcard from Lago de Atitlán

Like all good postcards, this arrives after we’ve left our last location. Spending time in this spectacularly beautiful area is something I would highly recommend. We’ll write in more detail later about the various villages and activities on the lake, but for now, just a few images to pique your interest. Our home for five nights: In Panajachel, near the dock: Santo Tomás cathedral in … Continue reading Postcard from Lago de Atitlán

Next stop: Guatemala

While last year saw us blogging throughout the many, many months of planning, organizing, research and bookings that led up to our amazing India/Nepal trip* in October, this year we’ve been mostly silent on this blog about where this year’s vacation is. Not because it’s a secret, but because compared to last year, this was a relatively easy trip to plan. All the pieces seemed to … Continue reading Next stop: Guatemala