#TBT: Gumbo Ya Ya

You can take the girl out of New Orleans… We had a fantastic vacation last week with my brother- and sister-in-law, introducing them to some of our favorite restaurants and places for music. We also discovered some wonderful new places, too–I am still dreaming about the barbecue I had at The Joint. But after returning, I realized I had somehow neglected in that whole wonderful week … Continue reading #TBT: Gumbo Ya Ya

Po’boys, tacos, and a (famous) dive bar

Day three of this food lovers tour of New Orleans started with a classic: beignets and chicory coffee. While we’re not big on sweets, we had to bring Ron and Kristan to the famous Café du Monde to see what all the hoopla is about. And to be fair, that first bite into a hot, crispy beignet covered with a prodigious amount of powdered sugar reminded … Continue reading Po’boys, tacos, and a (famous) dive bar

Soaking up the sun in NOLA

When I was a child, one of my favorite books was a large-format slim hardcover called Frederick, by Leo Lionni. It was about a field mouse who didn’t help the other mice in his group with gathering nuts and grain for the winter, but sat on a rock gathering, essentially, memories…of sunshine and warmth, colors and words. The other mice aren’t pleased with what they perceive as … Continue reading Soaking up the sun in NOLA

New Orleans restaurant update

Having arrived home from our weekend in New Orleans at about 1AM this morning, it will likely take another day or two to fully recover. It was a fantastically fun weekend, full of amazing food and even better music, but three days at an all-day music festival, plus late jazz shows, decadent dinners, and lots and lots of walking mean we’ll need a few early … Continue reading New Orleans restaurant update

Jazz Fest Food

Besides the music, one of the delights of Jazz Fest, we have discovered, is the food. This is no normal fairground food. You will not find hot dogs, fries, or cotton candy. No greasy chicken fingers or hamburgers anywhere. Rather, local restaurants and catering companies come with the best food around, both traditional New Orleans cooking as well as other ethnic cuisines, including Mediterranean, Vietnamese, … Continue reading Jazz Fest Food