BBQ, music and sunshine

For our last full day together in New Orleans, we decided to bring Ron and Kristan up into the Bywater, a residential neighborhood northeast of the Marigny.  On a previous visit we discovered the lovely painted houses and sleepy atmosphere, as well as a hidden gem: Bacchanal, a wine store where you can take your purchase and a couple of glasses out into the leafy backyard, and listen to live music. There’s also a window serving delicious, creative food.

But we were headed somewhere else for food before checking out the wine & music: The Joint, which we had been hearing had some of the best barbecue around.

The rumors were true. This little building on an otherwise unremarkable corner in the Bywater served up the absolute BEST barbecue I’ve ever had.

No, seriously. THE BEST.

The ribs were amazing: meaty, fall-off-the-bone tender. But really, the chicken was the star, everyone agreed. Juicy, with an unbelievably flavorful dry rub, and pulled off the bone effortlessly. It didn’t need sauce, although there were several on the table, all clearly house-made.

This was clearly a popular place with locals, unsurprisingly. While we were there it filled up with a lunch crowd. Glad we arrived when we did.

There was more we didn’t get to try, like the brisket, which I can only imagine would have been as good as everything else. Guess we’ll just have to go back.

If you like barbecue and are in NOLA, you need to get yourself here. Don’t forget to take a peek at the giant smoker, too.

And then, well fed, stroll around the corner to the wine shop, grab yourself a beverage of choice (there’s beer, sodas and water, too), find a picnic table out back and enjoy life.

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