Ten essential (cook)books in my kitchen

Given that I love to cook, and have been at it for many years now with growing enthusiasm, it’s logical that I get cookbooks as gifts, for holidays, for birthdays, from family, friends, from my husband. And yes, “gifts” that I occasionally buy myself too 🙂 In addition to cookbooks, I love reading books about food: about eating, about working in kitchens, about restaurants I’ve … Continue reading Ten essential (cook)books in my kitchen

Cracker junkies

I’ll admit it: we are cracker junkies. We love crackers in this house. Other people have cookie jars; we have a cracker jar, which usually contains at least three, usually four different varieties. We eat them between meals, to stave off eating something worse; or for breakfast, with a smear of peanut butter. And my go-to after work snack is a few crackers with slices … Continue reading Cracker junkies

Ten pantry items I can’t live without

We all have them: those things in our pantry (or freezer) which, when they are running low, we immediately add to a list, physical or mental, to buy more. I’m not talking about standard items like onions or garlic, milk or butter, or the produce or meat you buy depending on what you are making that week. No, these are the ingredients, unique to each … Continue reading Ten pantry items I can’t live without

Warm tortilla chips

There is no reason to buy commercially made tortilla chips, when it’s so easy to make your own. And, if you buy the right brand* of fresh corn tortillas, they are far healthier, too. Warm tortilla chips are the perfect accompaniment to Five-Pepper Chili, but I also use them to make homemade nachos (also a great use for leftover chili!). You don’t need any special … Continue reading Warm tortilla chips