We’ve written about the fact that we really enjoy the pre-travel planning and research that goes into any trip. So much so, in fact, that lately we seem to be planning trips further and further in advance, giving us more time for anticipation. Once a trip is booked, we love looking in used bookshops for books (both fiction and nonfiction) about our destination, or searching Netflix … Continue reading Anticipation=Happiness

Ten essential (cook)books in my kitchen

Given that I love to cook, and have been at it for many years now with growing enthusiasm, it’s logical that I get cookbooks as gifts, for holidays, for birthdays, from family, friends, from my husband. And yes, “gifts” that I occasionally buy myself too 🙂 In addition to cookbooks, I love reading books about food: about eating, about working in kitchens, about restaurants I’ve … Continue reading Ten essential (cook)books in my kitchen

Tujague’s: end of an institution?

Rumors online are indicating that Tujague’s, that venerable restaurant and bar in the French Quarter, may be closing soon. Though Rob and I have only had drinks on several occasions at the unique, stand-up bar, we will be very sad if the rumors are true. Tujaque’s represents a beautiful part of New Orleans, the gentility of a (perhaps, sadly) bygone era. Opened in 1856, the … Continue reading Tujague’s: end of an institution?

“Splurge” restaurants worth the money

A while back, we wrote about the top food experiences we’ve had, which included everything from tapas bars to airport bars, funky pubs to no-frills street food. What that list didn’t include (with one exception) were upscale restaurants. Now, we don’t spend our travel dollars lightly, believing that a great experience–sometimes the best ones, in fact–can be had at any price. But, every now and … Continue reading “Splurge” restaurants worth the money

NOLA highlights, days 2 & 3

We have been incredibly lucky, weather-wise, on this trip. The few days before we left Boston we had been checking the forecast and things were looking OK, but on the cool side (low 60s). So far each day has hit mid-70s and bright sun. Friday we had some spectacular food, first at Bayona for lunch, and later dinner at Adolfo’s. And if you count the … Continue reading NOLA highlights, days 2 & 3

The Secret of Happy Travel

He who would travel happily must travel light. – Antoine de Saint Exupéry In the fifteen years we’ve been traveling together, we have discovered the one thing that, above all else, makes for happy traveling. More than making sure you have bandaids (though that’s important), printing out double copies of your travel documents (always a good idea), and researching the first place you’ll eat so … Continue reading The Secret of Happy Travel