Tujague’s: end of an institution?

At Tujague’s, January 2013

Rumors online are indicating that Tujague’s, that venerable restaurant and bar in the French Quarter, may be closing soon. Though Rob and I have only had drinks on several occasions at the unique, stand-up bar, we will be very sad if the rumors are true. Tujaque’s represents a beautiful part of New Orleans, the gentility of a (perhaps, sadly) bygone era.

Opened in 1856, the bar has beautiful black and while tiles and a gorgeous mirror behind the bar. The blurry picture here does not do it justice, obviously. If you’ve never been, go soon if you can. We’re hoping we can get there one more time when we go down for Jazz Fest in May.

One thought on “Tujague’s: end of an institution?

  1. Please follow @Tujagues and #saveTujagues on twitter! The owner of the restaurant passed away last month and his son, who ran it with him, wants to keep this gem of a restaurant going. The owner’s brother, however, owns the actual building and has been offered $5.2 mil by a cockroach who owns most of the cheap, trashy Tshirt shops in the Quarter. He wants to turn the bar into a fried chicken joint and the restaurant into yet another trashy Tshirt shop 😦 Nola natives are up in arms over this, but we need help from across the nation. Tujague’s also has facebook. Please check it out and help to save one of our countries oldest restaurants!

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