#TBT: Morocco, 2009

A new post is long overdue, I realize. Job searches, classes, family visits, new volunteer work, life gets in the way sometimes. Things are settling down, thankfully, and as summer moves on our thoughts turn to our next trip. Soon I’ll post a bit more about our plans, but for now, I’m reminiscing on the fantastic week we spent in Morocco in December of 2009. This photo was taken … Continue reading #TBT: Morocco, 2009

lamb kefta on flatbread

Moroccan lamb kefta on homemade flatbread

Since returning from India, we’ve been talking about where we might go next. That won’t be for a while, but part of what we love so much about traveling is thinking and talking about the next trip, however far in the future it may be. Our minds are always on the next destination. And we frequently start by considering some of the places we’ve already … Continue reading Moroccan lamb kefta on homemade flatbread

Savory pistachio & cilantro couscous

As an alternative to the lemon & parsley couscous I usually make to go with my spicy Moroccan meatballs, I decided to try a variation. Pistachios always remind me of our visit to Morocco: besides being sold at stalls all over the Djemaa el Fna, that was actually the first time I had ever eaten a pistachio. (Don’t laugh, I’m serious! When I was young, … Continue reading Savory pistachio & cilantro couscous

From the Rose City to the Pink City

Since we started planning our trip to India later this year, our thoughts have turned frequently to our visit to Morocco in 2009. Prior to that trip we had only been to western Europe. As foreign as Paris can seem when trying to order lunch from a stoic French waiter, it’s nothing compared to getting off the plane on the tarmac at Marrakech Menara airport … Continue reading From the Rose City to the Pink City

Spicy Moroccan meatballs with butternut squash and tomato sauce, lemon couscous

While this is not exactly an authentic Moroccan dish, the flavors and spirit of the food we had in Marrakech are there, from the harissa spiced meatballs and sauce, to the lemony couscous, and even the butternut squash, which we were rather surprised to find in one of the several tagines we tried. Even the yogurt, which is the secret ingredient that makes these meatballs … Continue reading Spicy Moroccan meatballs with butternut squash and tomato sauce, lemon couscous

Moroccan food

One of the best things about our trip to Marrakech–among many great things–was the food. Food seems to be everywhere, particularly in the medina (old walled part of the city). In the morning, the grand Djemaa el Fna square is covered with carts selling dates, nuts, and other fruit, freshly squeezed orange and blood orange juices. In the souks themselves, vendors have stalls that specialize … Continue reading Moroccan food

Leave your modesty at the door

Originally published on CultureBitch, June 2010. Should you find yourself in Morocco – and I highly recommend you make every effort to do so – the hammam is an experience not to be missed. I must confess, the hammam Rob and I visited was not a true locals-only place, in which men and women are segregated. Those places are everywhere in the medina, nondescript doors … Continue reading Leave your modesty at the door