“Would you go back?”

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller After “what was it like?”, the second most popular question we’ve been asked about our trip was “would you go back?” We’ve asked ourselves the same thing many times. This was the first trip we’ve ever taken where upon our return we were not already planning what we’d do … Continue reading “Would you go back?”

Going to Kathmandu

Sorry for the delay in getting to this final city from our Indian & Nepal adventure. It’s somewhat surreal to me that it’s been just over six months since we boarded a flight towards this amazing part of the world. And it really has taken us almost this long to sort through not just our actual photographs, but our memories and impressions and figure out how best to explain it all. So far … Continue reading Going to Kathmandu


India & Nepal: explaining the unexplainable

We had some people over this past weekend, some of whom we hadn’t seen since our big trip. “So, how was India?”  they ask. “Was it amazing?” It’s been nearly four months since we returned from our trip, and we still don’t know where to start answering that question. India cannot be boiled down into a sound bite, or an elevator pitch. India was amazing. It was also … Continue reading India & Nepal: explaining the unexplainable

On India, Nepal, and being thankful

It hasn’t quite been three weeks since we returned from our trip, and yet it seems like months. Even though we haven’t posted much about it yet, we’ve certainly been thinking about India and Nepal every day since we got back. I still have the yellow and red string a sadhu at Pashupatinath tied around my wrist, right before he showered me with bright orange … Continue reading On India, Nepal, and being thankful