NOLA highlights, days 2 & 3

We have been incredibly lucky, weather-wise, on this trip. The few days before we left Boston we had been checking the forecast and things were looking OK, but on the cool side (low 60s). So far each day has hit mid-70s and bright sun.

Friday we had some spectacular food, first at Bayona for lunch, and later dinner at Adolfo’s. And if you count the really delicious breakfast served at the B&B, it was a home run of a day.

Yesterday we took a cooking class in the morning, then caught one of the afternoon parades Uptown. Both were a lot of fun. And, we checked off a few of our food ‘must eats’: jambalaya, red beans & rice, boiled crawfish, and a hot muffaletta. The crawfish were disappointing, likely because as we learned on this visit, anyone who has live crawfish this early in the year is using farmed, not wild caught. And boy is there a difference.

But, we certainly can’t complain, because overall we have eaten very well, heard great live music, and are having a wonderful weekend.

Now, we just have to decide where to go for brunch…

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