Sunshine, music & oysters

…three things we came down to our favorite US city for, not necessarily in that order. But, given the frigid temps in Boston this week the sunshine has turned out to be more delicious than usual, so it was good timing on our part. The thermometer said it was 69 yesterday but it felt more like 80 to us.

Also good timing for another reason: Fat Tuesday is early this year, but the Superbowl hoopla means that some of the parades have been pushed back to this weekend, so we will try to catch a couple. No Rex, Zulu or Endymion, of course–those are much closer to the big day–but some of the smaller ones, including Ponchartrain, Sparta, and, believe it or not, Chewbacchus. Yes, you read that right.

We’ll do a full review of all the new and old places, including the Marigny B&B we are trying for the first time, after we get back. But yesterday’s highlights included oysters at Felix’s, ragtime at the Spotted Cat, and Kermit Ruffins at Vaughan’s in the Bywater.

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