#TBT: Gumbo Ya Ya

You can take the girl out of New Orleans…

We had a fantastic vacation last week with my brother- and sister-in-law, introducing them to some of our favorite restaurants and places for music. We also discovered some wonderful new places, too–I am still dreaming about the barbecue I had at The Joint.

But after returning, I realized I had somehow neglected in that whole wonderful week to order one of my favorite things: gumbo. This had to be corrected.

So last Monday, I picked up a couple of things after work, and set about making a nice big pot. I make this every year for our annual Mardi Gras party (which we actually haven’t done for a couple of years because of kitchen renovations), and it’s a killer recipe. It’s easy, too, though you do have to take time with that roux, there’s no rushing that.

Here’s the recipe, posted a few years ago.

Now go on and make a pot for yourself. It will make you feel like you’re in New Orleans. And start planning the next visit…

Please share your travel or food adventures...

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