Postcard from La Antigua

We arrived home quite late Friday night, after a long travel day that included a few frustrations at the Miami airport. Will write about that later. Here for now, our final “postcard” of some of the sights of La Antigua Guatemala, a place we really did fall in love with quite quickly.

First, who wouldn’t love this hotel room, or the view from the rooftop terrace?

The city is teeming with Spanish colonial ruins, too many to see in one visit. These were two of our favorite,
Capuchinas & la Reccollecion.

Learning how to make chile rellenos con salsa, mole platanos, and frijoles volteados under Señora Felicia’s watchful eye.

The three volcanoes that surround the city could be seen from almost everywhere, though on our visit they were often wreathed with clouds.

We found the abundance of fried chicken joints (think DD in New England) and their logos amusing.

But we much preferred people watching, especially the Antiguan women with impressive carrying skills.

Like most cities, there is a central outdoor marketplace selling everything from fruit to household necessities.

But the sightseeing can be punctuated with a stop at a lovely wine bar, like this one…

…before hitting the streets again to fit in just one or two more sights.

I have no doubt we will go back someday!

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