Postcard from Tikal #2

Enjoying our time in Guatemala immensely! We’ll write about our trip in more detail when we get home, but for now, here are a few more images from Tikal, this time of some flora & fauna we encountered on our sunrise hike through the jungle.

Coati, little raccoon-like animals

Ceiba tree, the “tree of life” and national tree of Guatemala.

Fire ants. We walked over tons of columns of these, including one giant anthill about three feet high and ten feet across.

And, the ever present howler monkey. We heard their massive territorial roars throughout our morning at Tikal, but they’re often hard to spot clearly as they hang out in the very top branches of the trees.

We also saw many spider monkeys, flying toucans, a few wild turkeys, and one brief glimpse of the gorgeously plumed quetzal. Most we’re too quick to catch on film.

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