NYC, Day 3: Brooklyn and Dr. John

Our final full day in the city began with a trip across the river to Brooklyn for a delicious northern Thai lunch, and ended with a show at City Winery, a music venue in Lower Manhattan, where the excellent Dr. John brought some New Orleans funk to the Big Apple.

In between, we walked the streets of Cobble Hill, discovered a delightful little French wine bar called June, had yummy hot dogs at Crif Dogs, and stumbled upon an excellent hole-in-the-wall beer bar called Proletariat.

Most photos are on the camera, so I will post many more later this week, but here are a few pics from yesterday that I have on my phone.

We had a bit of a lie in this morning, and  are almost packed and ready to check out of our hotel. Since we only have a couple of hours until our train, and our bags with us, we’re just planning to head somewhere for a final lunch. It’s been a great long weekend in NYC, and we are already certain we will be back!

Full food report soon.

2 thoughts on “NYC, Day 3: Brooklyn and Dr. John

  1. I wish I had seen this blog before I went to NYC last month – would have been useful. Home now – in Napa. The guys that own City Winery in NY opened one up here but it recently closed. Too sleepy a town – at least now. Maybe 5 years from now when we grow up a bit. Check out our California wine country blog: Follow us if you like what you see.

    1. Thanks for the follow! We just read a City Winery is opening in Boston (where we live) soon. It will be in a bit of a barren area, so looking forward to seeing how it does.

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