Catching up

Yes, I’m long overdue with promised posts on the details of our NYC weekend, as well as more about our last big trip, Istanbul

I will write them soon. Promise. 

Because, I definitely don’t want to get so far behind I have three trips to write about…

We knew at the beginning of the year that condo projects–kitchen renovation, other cosmetic improvements–would take up a good bit of our time and money, so we agreed there wouldn’t be room for a major vacation until late in the year. 

Namely, at Christmas. So we started thinking: what destinations are good at that time of year? 

In 2009 we went to Morocco at Christmas, and it was fantastic. A few days afterward in Madrid for New Years Eve was so much fun. So that was definitely tempting. 

But there was one country that we have talked about since we were dating…twenty plus years of dreaming about, of saying to each other over a meal of this cuisine, “That’s going to be fantastic, whenever we finally do it.”

So, we’re finally doing it: Thailand!

We are leaving Christmas day (well, evening), and two flights and about 24 hours later arrive in Bangkok. We’ll be there a few days, then traveling to Chiang Mai. We will eat ALL THE THINGS. 

But first, a quick weekend in Portland Maine, our favorite last minute getaway from Boston. Only a couple of hours by train (love the Amtrak Downeaster!) and a relaxing couple of days eating seafood and, hopefully, napping. 

Don’t be surprised if you see a couple of pictures over the next three days. 

Please share your travel or food adventures...

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