Saturday in the Park

Our second day in New York City was a great one, even with the continuing blistering heat (97 but it felt like 110, and not a cloud in the sky). We were sure to punctuate our long walks with strategic air con stops as well as plenty of water…I think we easily went through a couple of gallons!

We started on the upper west side at Zabars for breakfast, made our way through Central Park and over to the upper east side, where we stopped at Bemelmans bar (as much to see the delightful paintings by the author of my favorite book as a little girl, Madeline, as for a refreshing beverage), and then visited the new Metropolitan Breuer museum, which had a Diane Arbus exhibition, as well as one on “unfinished works” by dozens of great artists from the Renaissance through the modern era.

A failed excursion to a kitchen bookstore (it was closed on Saturdays) led us to try another place for a cool respite, Earl’s Beer & Cheese, which had funky decor and a bit of hipster but laid back vibe (much like something in our Somerville ‘hood).

Finally, a meal that we had been anticipating since we  booked the trip, Red Rooster. It lived up to the hype: total comfort food and a very funky, fun atmos. (Rest assured, there will be a whole separate post about the food we had on this trip.)

We have many more pics on the real camera, which we will post later in the week, but here are a few snaps from my phone.

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