Baked egg, spinach & black bean tostadas

One of the nice things–among many–about working from home occasionally is being able to cook yourself a proper breakfast or lunch, and take your time eating, like a civilized person, rather than scarfing down something on the way to a meeting. Unfortunately, if you haven’t planned well, you might wake up on a “WFH” day to realize that you’re out of many things, because you … Continue reading Baked egg, spinach & black bean tostadas

Sara’s Swedish Meatballs

This recipe came about because I wanted a healthier version of most Swedish meatball recipes I was coming across. Instead of frying them in butter, I bake them (which has the added benefit of being easier, too). I used skim milk throughout (instead of the HEAVY cream most recipes call for), though you could certainly use 2% or whole milk if you prefer, which would … Continue reading Sara’s Swedish Meatballs