Cranberry Sauce Scones

Even when we spend Thanksgiving day at someone else’s house, I usually cook some version of a turkey dinner for us later that weekend, in part because we like having leftovers but mostly because I really enjoy cooking. This year I made a whole turkey breast, deboned and rubbed with a savory ancho-scallion butter, sausage and apple stuffing, roasted brussels sprouts, roasted butternut squash, and … Continue reading Cranberry Sauce Scones

Quick blueberry scones for two

My absolute favorite scone recipe is this bacon asiago scallion one, which produces a scone I could truly eat all day, every day. However, there are times something lighter is called for, particularly when you just discovered a small zipper bag of last summer’s blueberries sitting in your freezer. Fruit scones can be lovely, but I have two problems with most recipes I come across: … Continue reading Quick blueberry scones for two