Travel kit essentials

As we pack for a long weekend in NOLA, I’m reminded again of how much we’ve streamlined our travel kit over the years. We’ve written before about the joys of packing light, and no matter where we’re headed–New Orleans for a few days, or Europe for a week and a half–we only travel with carry-on luggage.

But there are a few items we never leave home without, things that just make life a lot easier when traveling. Of course, some of these you could buy at your destination, but these are all small, light and easily packable, and are great to have on hand right when you need them:

  • Immodium (this is one item you do not want to have to explain with hand gestures in a foreign pharmacy…or spend time trying to find a pharmacy!)
  • blister band-aids (you think you broke in those new shoes, but a day walking all over London might prove otherwise)
  • plastic rain ponchos (a savior in an unexpected downpour, and lighter than traveling with umbrellas)
  • hand sanitizer and/or wet wipes (for those less-than-pristine public bathrooms)
  • EmergenC (a powdered multi-vitamin high in C and B vitamins, great for staying healthy on the road)
  • SPF lotion (particularly if you’re leaving the US: this isn’t easy to find everywhere, or if you find it may be VERY expensive)

What are the essentials you don’t leave home without?

5 thoughts on “Travel kit essentials

    1. Ah, good ones! That’s my next travel purchase–a sleeping mask–because I always have trouble sleeping on flights. I find ear plugs really uncomfortable, so I usually go with my earbuds and soothing music.

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