We’ve been quite absent from the blog lately, with only five posts in the past year. We still need to write about our amazing Peru trek last October, and a few other short trips. Between work and travel, we’ve been a bit busier than usual, but that will change soon.

Starting in October, we will be heading to Southeast Asia for three months.

Three months. Thirteen weeks. Ninety-three days.

Even as I type it, I can hardly believe it’s really happening.

Call it a sabbatical, a mini-retirement, or vagabonding… Whatever you call it, it’s been a dream of ours for a while now. I can’t recall exactly when we started talking about it, but it was a long time ago, just in that way of “wouldn’t it be amazing if someday we could…

Then, earlier this year (not coincidentally while in Chiang Mai), we started brainstorming on how we could actually DO it. Could we? Other people do. Why not us?

First, of course, there was the obvious issue of how we would manage to get the time off. Once that was worked out, the question became where do we go?

Obviously, traveling for an extended period of time requires a fair bit of economizing, and there are few places better to find inexpensive (but still very good) lodging and very cheap (but absolutely amazing) street food than Southeast Asia. We have been to Thailand twice now, and we love it with a passion, but there are so many other places in Southeast Asia that we are eager to visit as well.

So the destination is sorted. But, of course, there’s still a lot to plan. We’ve made a fair start, but with a little over two months to go, we still have many details to work out. A lot of decisions will be made on the fly, a newer experience for us. We’ll write about the more challenging and (hopefully) interesting aspects of our adventure along the way.

Also: stay tuned for a blog name change soon, too. We’ve been eatdrinkculture for almost 10 years, and it’s time for an update!

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