From Hanoi to Bangkok in eighty days

We started this adventure in Hanoi, and after a dozen other locations and what has felt much, much longer than nearly three months, we are now in our last city, Bangkok.

It’s fitting that we are ending this journey in the place that was our introduction to Southeast Asia a little over two years ago, when we fell head over heels for Thailand, and especially Chiang Mai, the city we recently left and love even more now.

Although I’ve been posting regularly on Instagram (that’s my feed over to the right), the last post I wrote here were some thoughts on Hanoi, where we spent our first three weeks.

As we traveled on after that, I had the best intentions to write about our impressions of each new region. About how central Vietnam is different from the North, and how Saigon seemed a world away from both. About what a delightful surprise Da Nang was, and how exciting some of the Cambodian food was, and how utterly delightful and relaxing Laos was.

But every time I tried to put it down on paper (or screen), changes in scenery, food, attitudes, and culture started coming at us so quickly it felt hard to keep up.

It will take some time to mentally unpack all we have seen and learned about these four countries. And ourselves. I will get to it all, I promise.

But for now, just a scant few photos of the delight that is Bangkok’s Chinatown.

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