Pub 1842

Second day at the convention, second lunch. Michael Mina’s Pub 1842 was the choice of the day, because (a) it was conveniently located in the hotel, and (b) I had found an Eater article the day before listing it as having one of the “17 iconic burgers in Las Vegas”. 

To be honest, point (a) above was the driving factor for several of our choices on this visit, because just getting out of the hotel is a task that takes at least 20 minutes to accomplish, including walking through the smoky casino, something we liked to avoid whenever possible. We could get from the conference area to some of the better food options fairly quickly and without doing that, so, a win. 

But this was a win for another reason: the PB Crunch Burger. That was the “iconic” burger Eater listed, so naturally that was the one we had to try. And yes, the “PB” is what you think, the “Crunch” was potato chips , but there was also bacon jam and pimento cheese happening up on there. 

You read that right. Bacon. In jam form. 

Bacon jam, pimento cheese, peanut butter. Sounds so weird yet they combined into the most delicious topping for a burger I’ve had in a very long time. And the chips added just the crunch you needed with all of the other smooth toppings. 

The burger also came with fries, the thin and crispy style I prefer, and lightly dusted with a BBQ seasoning. Really delicious. 

This place served HUGE burgers, so we split it, along with a salad. (It seemed fairly common to split burgers here. We saw several others doing so, and they listed a “split fee” on the menu.)

Lest you think it was all about the burger, the entrée-size Kale Caesar Salad held its own. Tender baby kale tossed with a really good Caesar dressing, and what the menu called a “garlic streusel”, essentially crispy roasted garlic shavings. This made the salad, and we pretty much cleaned our plates.

If I’m ever in Vegas again, and near the MGM Grand, I would very likely seek out this exact meal again. 

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Next up: lots of walking, and Spanish tapas for dinner!

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